Where to Go When Renting a Car

Thousand Islands Parkway in Prince Edward County is situated on an island along the northern shores of Lake Ontario. It offers the ideal summer vacation experience and is well worth the trip. The 401 route would get you there quickly. But what would be the fun of it? You can reach a lot of undulating farmland, tranquil lakes, picturesque forests, and historic locations by renting a car. Like the Upper Canada Village along the Saint-Lawrence River near Ontario by staying off the roadway.

The Thousand Islands Parkway is one of the most scenic drives close to the city. It is what makes this route the best! Once in Prince Edward proper, you may reach sandy beaches by taking Routes 13, 7, or 12 west of town. It is especially true if you’ve already stocked up on supplies at one of the region’s 40 vineyards, craft brewers, or farmers’ markets. Take the 401 back as you crank up the music and put the pedal to the metal if you genuinely want to have a good time and must go back the same day.

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Montérégie Cider Route

You can only get an excellent perspective of the expansive fields off the highway as you travel out of the city towards the Richelieu River Valley and Chambly’s National Historic Site via a Canal. Driving through this specific section of Montérégie will take you through orchards, maple farms, and maybe one or two vineyards. The Cider Route, which begins in Rougemont off Route 112, dips south along the Richelieu River and west to Hemmingford along the US-Canada border.

It is the most noteworthy destination on this trip. You can purchase ice ciders, sparkling cider, apple must, and brandy from shops along the way (or stopovers can schedule stopovers for tours in advance) as you take in the expansive scenery from the luxury of your seat. What time does the sun set over the trees and pastures? That is soothing. In case you desire a slight increase in speed, we’ve included a route back along Route 138. 

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