Road Trip with Corporate Cars

The Toyota Yaris is an excellent luxury sedan if you’re looking for a reliable car for a relaxing road trip. With a 4.5 out of 5.0 reliability score, the Yaris is a hatchback that you can rent worry-free. 

The Toyota Yaris is a great pick when driving through the city streets of Montreal. Here are some of the best places you can visit in Montreal in your rental car.

When planning a trip to Montreal, the usual suspects emerge. Old Montreal’s European sights, the outdoor charm of Mount Royal, Jean Talon market’s epicurean bites, the Olympic Village’s concentration of attractions, and food scene delights inevitably make travel shortlists.

But what we have on our list for you is much more exciting regarding road trips and adventure!

Here is some fantastic destination to visit when renting a car for a road trip.

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Road Trip to Mont-Tremblant 

Mont-Tremblant is roughly 90 minutes up Autoroute 15, and the National Park is a little further north, making it the ideal weekend road trip from Montreal.

There are two local craft breweries, a Scandinavian spa, and even cheese fondue at La Savoie restaurant, along with attractive little cobblestone lanes and nearly European-looking houses. The town is the ideal place to spend a night or two.

Mont Tremblant is a well-liked ski resort in the winter. Since Montreal and Ottawa are close by, the ski area is relatively small and can get busy on weekends, but if you’re only staying for a short time, it can be the ideal spot to unwind. Just keep in mind that the winters can be cold.

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Road Trip to Canada’s Capital

It will take more than two hours to drive between Montreal and Ottawa. You can go down the St. Lawrence River to Cornwall and then continue driving north by using Autoroute 50 along the northern bank of the Ottawa River, Highway 17 along the southern bank, or Ontario 417.

The time differences between the routes are minimal, so you could travel one way and return using a separate course with French signs on one side and English on the other.

The ideal place to begin exploring the city is Ottawa, which serves as both the country’s parliament’s capital and location.

The Centre Block building on Parliament Hill looks very European, like many of Ottawa. You can go inside, and free tours will tell you all about the building’s history.

Drive to Quebec City

Quebec City is located farther down the St. Lawrence River from Montreal; traveling Autoroute 40 along the north bank of the river will take just over 3 hours, but taking the Trans-Canada Highway via Autoroute 20 will cut your travel time in half.

The name of Quebec City, one of the oldest cities in North America, and the entire province are from an ancient Algonquin phrase that means “Where the River Narrows.” 

Since its founding in 1608, Quebec City has been home to the only fortified historic old town in either Canada or America. There are cobblestone alleys, a chateau perched on a hill, and lovely stone structures everywhere. Quebec City is ideal for a city break because it has many restaurants, galleries, and museums worth seeing.

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