Renting a Car in Montreal? Here are Some Tips

You may have heard what some people imagine when renting a car in Montreal. We’re here to assure you that none of it is untrue. Nearly no one is aware that their car has turn indications, stop signs are not optional, and speed restrictions are only suggestions. However, Montréal is far more accessible by car than is generally thought. Visitors driving through the city can maximize their experience by following a few hints and advice. Use the following as your road-driving instructions in Montréal.

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Getting Downtown

You were unaware that highway 20 changed to Boulevard Ville-Marie as you neared the city center (also known as the Ville-Marie Expressway). Stay in the right lane until you see the expressway’s underground section entrance. You can find a sign for exit #4 that reads Rue de la Montagne / Rue St-Jacques at the beginning of the road. The exit is your ticket off the freeway, so keep right and take it. If you’re staying downtown Montréal, stick to the left toward Rue de la Montagne. And if you’re staying in Old Montréal, remain to the right toward Rue St-Jacques. You’ll have another chance at the Rue Berri exit if you miss the Rue de la Montagne / Rue St-Jacques exit. (Aim to catch that one.) You’re in the city!

You’ve Made it Downtown.

Now let’s talk about the specifics of driving in La Belle Ville. A few simple reminders are as follows:

  • On the Island of Montréal, you cannot turn right at a red signal (a measure to protect pedestrians). • Green does not necessarily (go). Yet, it is entirely acceptable to do so anywhere else in the province of Québec. You can pass through the crossing without turning right or left if there is a green arrow. Before turning, drivers must wait until the light is fully green or until another green turning arrow arrives.
  • Many of our traffic lights now feature candlestick lights, a new addition. In the entire city, there are about 400 of these. Buses have an advantage over other vehicles parked at the crossroads because they can see them as a white bar that illuminates four to five seconds before the traffic lights turn green.
  • Montréal’s streets are organized in a grid, similar to most large Canadian cities, with the principal thoroughfares running east-west and north-south. As a result, what we typically refer to as north is closer to the west, west is more south, and so on. But gazing north from the end of St. Laurent Boulevard does make for some stunning sunsets. It’s important to note that they were classified as though the St. Lawrence River flowed west to east, even though it turned north at Montréal.

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