Classical Luxury Toyota Corolla

Are you ready for classical luxury car rentals in Montreal for this holiday and winter season?

The front of the Toyota Corolla has a flowing line that extends from the bonnet to the front bumper, giving it a more imposing appearance. The radiator grille’s upper portion is body color, while its lower portion features redesigned intakes that neatly house the front fog lamps.

High beam lamps are placed lower than low beam lamps, and their cylindrical shape cuts into the lower line of the headlamp unit to give it a “teardrop” appearance. The headlamps use separate housings for each function.

New red-toned bulb clusters at the back have two cylindrical light units and one on top of the other, for a sporty appearance.

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Can it Get You Through the Winter?

Winter brings severely cold days and slick roads that make driving hazardous. A long-standing reputation as a dependable and secure vehicle belongs to the Toyota Corolla. The quick response to the question of whether the Toyota Corolla is suitable for winter driving is as follows.

The Toyota Corolla offers many features that improve traction and safety. True it is lacking AWD or 4WD in winter driving conditions but, it has traction control as well as vehicle stability assists with ABS, and electronic brakeforce distribution for safer winter driving and comfort.

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Are Sedans Suitable for Driving in the Snow?

How do Toyota Corollas perform in the snow? We can infer that the answers to both questions are affirmative. Sedans can travel on snowy roads despite having a low ground clearance. Sedans give more extraordinary handling on slick, snowy roads. This is because they are proportionate and lower to the ground than an SUV and higher suspension cars.

We at Corporate Cars provide a list of classical luxury cars fit for all driving styles and comfort. Our rentals are thoroughly safe for winter driving. If you are interested, visit our website. You can explore all the different options of rental cars that we provide and book it right away! Follow us on Instagram to stay tuned for all our winter season offers in Montreal.

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