5 Spectacular Car Rides in Quebec

Quebec is Canada’s largest province. Therefore, there’s a lot to see. In this blog, we have put together 5 spectacular car rides in Quebec that will take you to some of the most beautiful wonders of this land. Rent your car in Montreal with Corporate Cars and tour each of these paradises in comfort and safety.


The Route de la Nouvelle-France is about experiencing the history of Quebec through the relics of some of its early settlers. This was once the supply road connecting the capital of New France, Quebec City, to the St. Lawrence coast at Côte-de-Beaupré. On this trip, you will drive through communities filled with old houses and churches, visit the farms that supported them, and see the history displayed in various museums.

Chemin du Roy

As you drive along this route, you will be following the paths of stagecoaches and ox-drawn carriages, stopping at many historic sites along the way. You will pass through old towns such as Repentigny and Trois-Rivières, where you can visit beautiful churches and eat local Quebec cuisine. The historic sites mingle with the wonderful nature along the way, until you finally reach the cobblestone streets of Old Quebec or Old Montreal.

Route Des Vins

For this route, you will want to take your designated driver with you. The Wine Route is the road that connects 21 vineyards that you can enter by car, bike, or tour. Located in the Brome-Missisquoi region this route will take you to two of the oldest vineyards in Quebec, as well as a host of new entrants that are rocking the local scene. Of course, the Wine Route has more than just wine. Great restaurants, artisans and outdoor fun can be found in the many small towns along the way.

Route Des Baleines

Thirteen different species of whales can be found in the estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence in Tadoussac. These animals are the inspiration for the Whale Trail. You will find beautiful scenery as you follow the ocean. You will find stunning views, lighthouses, shipwrecks, wildlife sightings, and great seafood. But the point of this trip is to see the ocean giants. Stop in towns along the way for whale watching excursions by boat, Zodiac, and sea kayak.

Le Tour de la Gaspésie

The Gaspesie Tour is a long drive that takes you through the province’s most significant cities to the easternmost tip. Starting in Montreal or Quebec City, you will be heading east, following the St. Lawrence River through Quebec’s many beautiful tourist regions. The route will take you through Quebec’s eastern townships and wine regions. You will then stroll through small historic coastal villages and larger rural districts such as Rivière-du-Loup and Rimouski.

Finally, you’ll face the Atlantic Ocean as you explore the great Gaspe Peninsula, one of National Geographic Traveller’s 50 places to visit in Canada. You can see the breathtaking Percé Rock and venture into the beautiful outdoors, snorkeling, whale watching, sea kayaking, fishing, and more.

If you are staying in Montreal and want to take advantage of all these beautiful excursions, Corporate Cars is your best ally. Rent your car in Montreal and enjoy these 5 Spectacular Car Rides in Quebec.



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