4 Tips for a Cheap Weekend Road Trip in Montreal

4 Tips for a Cheap Weekend Road Trip in Montreal

Aug 24, 2022 | corporate cars, dodge, montreal, rent, renting cars, renting cars montreal, renting vehicle, road trip, travel

Escaping from routine is much simpler than you think. Short weekend trips to a nearby place can provide unforgettable moments and recharge energies to start the following week in full force.
On the other hand, two or three-day trips do not require such a big budget, but it is always essential to plan. In this way, you will be able to find the best prices to explore unique destinations around you. Discover our four tips for a cheap weekend road trip in Montreal with Corporate Cars.

Rent a Car in Montreal for Weekend Travel

Not having a car is no longer an excuse to stop traveling on weekends. Today, you can find affordable car rental rates in Montreal and choose the type of car that best suits your trip.

Even if you have a car and six other people are traveling, renting a Dodge Caravan is more economical than going in two cars and spending twice as much fuel. This strategic planning makes all the difference in making your trip cheaper!

Choose Free Mileage Car Rentals

Many car rental companies put a mileage limit on their car rental contracts. For travel, this can be a problem! Therefore, it is best to rent a car with unlimited mileage.

At Corporate Cars, all rental options already offer free mileage. This way, you save money and travel hassle-free, using the car without fear of paying extra fees.

Research Before You Travel

Between low and high seasons, prices vary a lot, especially in Montreal, which is a tourist-oriented city. To get the best price, keep watching the price variation, mainly for lodging, and take the time to close your reservation.

Another interesting point to investigate is where you will stay in the city. Corporate Stays offers accommodations in different Montreal locations that will suit your needs perfectly.

Plan Your Food Costs

When you get to know a new place, it’s natural to want to try everything, isn’t it? But if your budget doesn’t allow you to eat at famous restaurants, you can plan your daily food expenses.

An economical option is to mix your meals between the most expensive and the simplest restaurants. Therefore you can taste the best gastronomy in Montreal without exceeding your spending limit!

Make Your Weekend Trip Simple

To travel for a weekend in and around Montreal, you only need a little luggage, nearby places, and a budget – short trips have the benefit of being much simpler to plan! With these tips, you can start planning your next weekend getaway to relax and see amazing places.

With Corporate Cars, you can travel by car for an affordable price and in comfort.

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