Renting Dodge Caravans

Renting the Dodge caravan offers a spacious interior, which makes the vehicle ideal for families, with head and legroom often generous enough to leave taller people or family members with little to no complaints. Crossover SUVs are more suited to smaller families, while larger caravans and SUVs can offer seating for up to seven people.

Renting a Dodge Caravan in Montreal

The Dodge caravan reliability rating is 4.0 out of 5.0, ranking 2nd out of 8 for minivans. The severity of repairs is average, and the frequency of those issues is low. Therefore, major repairs are uncommon for the Dodge Caravan. The spacious interior and practical style make the Dodge caravan perfect for group vacations and road trips. The Dodge caravan is a robust minivan that, on average, can last between 200,000 and 250,000 miles. Depending on driving style and how well the vehicle is maintained. With our trusted Corporate Cars team, they can last between 13 to 17 years; based on 15,000 miles driven per year, The Caravan is a much more athletic-looking minivan. It gives off a muscular, utility vibe similar to an SUV. The look of the Dodge Caravan and Grand Caravan are virtually identical, with the same style, width, and height. However, the Grand Caravan is a long-wheelbase version compared to the regular Caravan. The Grand Caravan’s body and wheelbase are 200.6 and 119.3 inches compared with the caravan at 189.1 and 113.3 inches.

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The benefits of the Dodge Caravan

Today, Dodge caravans are priced similarly to competing sedans because of the drastic increase in demand. Lesser prices, off-roading capabilities, higher grade of comfort, bigger trunk space, and much more safety have all aided the caravan demand. Caravans offer advantages over standard cars, sedans, and SUVs, including increased protection, higher driving position, and outstanding towing capabilities. The dodge caravan is a vehicle for well-off people fond of comfort. You can see more about our rental cars by visiting our Corporate Cars website or our Instagram page.

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